San Jose Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Injury Claims in Oil Rig Accident Cases in the San Jose Area

All of those who work in the oil industry on an oil rig know exactly how dangerous this occupation is. When there has been any negligence by your employer that led to the injury, our legal team at the Law Offices of Nooshin Dalili can help you file a claim to pursue the benefits you have a right to under the law. For families who have lost their loved one in an oil rig accident, we can help you fight for justice and compensation for your losses. Injuries that take place in this work environment are rarely minor; in fact, permanent injury such as back injuries, amputations, serious burns, amputations and falls are all far too common.

Protecting Your Rights in Oil Rig Accident Claims

Our firm can represent those injured on all types of oil rigs. We know how important it is for your health, your future and your finances that you are fairly compensated after an accident. This can be more difficult than expected. After risking your life serving corporate interests, the least one expects is to be treated fairly if seriously injured. Unfortunately, this is not always what takes place. The insurance companies that represent oil companies and contractors are representing that entity – not you or your family. They carefully look over the case and frequently take efforts to reduce a claim, even when it is clear that it is legitimate. In many dangerous oil rig accidents, there is third party liability, allowing our San Jose workers’ compensation lawyer to pursue compensation from parties outside of your workers’ compensation case.

How your case is managed is extremely important, particularly when serious injuries have occurred. If you can no longer expect to work in your profession, this must be addressed so that you are compensated fairly. We care about the oil rig workers in California and in the San Jose area. We are part of the community and we care about you and your family.

Contact a San Jose oil rig injury attorney from our legal team as early as possible after the injury accident.