San Jose Workers’ Comp Attorney

Anyone who is hurt as a result of a work related injury or accident is entitled to receive full medical coverage to pay for their emergency medical care and any additional treatment deemed necessary to recover from the effects of the injury.  Workers’ compensation insurance is a federal and state mandated “no-fault” insurance plan required to be supplied by your employer.  Once you report your injuries to your employer the workers’ comp coverage begins and your medical bills and expenses are supposed to be paid by the insurance carrier.  Because there is an insurance company involved, it sometimes happens that a claim is rejected, reduced or delayed by the insurance adjuster.  This can mean any medical care you have already received may only be partially paid or not paid for at all, leaving you responsible for the bill.  To prevent this, you should speak to a San Jose workers’ comp lawyer at Law Offices of Nooshin Dalili.

We are very familiar with how insurance companies in general and workers’ comp insurance in particular can sometimes attempt to reduce or deny claims.  When this happens you should get the help of an attorney who is very experienced in handling workers’ comp claims.  Using a lawyer to represent you and negotiate with the claims adjuster can go a long way to getting your settlement approved.

Workers’ Comp Lawyer in San Jose

Under ordinary circumstances all of your medical bills, any necessary medication and any needed therapy or additional treatment necessary for your recovery should be paid under workers’ comp coverage.  Sometimes a claim will simply be delayed or a “penalty” charged for a late filing of other administrative mistake that have nothing to do with the validity of the injury claim.  Such tactics are common in insurance cases and delaying payment or disputing a claim is sometimes done with the assumption the claimant will simply give up.  We can make sure your claim is correctly filed and work directly with the claims adjuster to address any such “issues” to get your claim processed.  Call us today and receive a free case evaluation and get all your questions answered.

Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney in San Jose if you have questions about your medical bills and treatment being paid for by workers’ comp.